Project Agreement


This Resume Project Agreement (“Contract”) presents the terms agreed by ResuMeds (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) and the Client (“you” or “your”). This Contract shall take effect on the date you confirm the resume service and sign up with us.
Now, in consideration of the mutual bond, the Company and the Client (also referred herein as the “Parties”) hereby accept the following terms:

Payment Terms

  • We only accept US dollars as payment for our services.
  • You will pay the full amount upon sign up. We shall not deliver the resume project without your payment.
  • Should you decide to pay using a credit card, please provide the correct credit card number and its corresponding billing address. If you will use a credit card under a different name, kindly submit an authorization email from the credit card holder as we want to ensure the safety and security of the account.
  • You can also pay via PayPal. If the PayPal email address does not match with the person/email address who signed with us, we also require an authorization email from the PayPal account holder for its owner’s safety.

Scope of Work of Each Resume Project

  • ResuMeds offer writing services. We write healthcare and medical resumes, medical CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and other job search documents tailored to fit the healthcare industry standards.
  • We use standard American English in all our writing services.
  • Project shall start upon the completion of the client questionnaire.
  • We write the initial resume draft and send you the copy for your approval.
  • For revisions, we shall apply the changes based on your request, until you confirm that the revised draft can proceed to the final part.
  • You will receive the final copy of your healthcare resume or medical CV in MS Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and ASCII formats.
  • Cover letter and LinkedIn profile require additional fees. The final and approved draft will be in MS Word and PDF format.
  • LinkedIn profile includes Headline and Summary content. We will write and provide the content for you. However, to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is safe and secure, and your privacy not compromised, we would provide you instructions, instead, on how to upload it yourself.

Project Timeline and Completion

  • The normal turnaround time for healthcare resumes and medical CVs is three (3) business days. The writing shall start upon receipt of your answered questionnaire and other data necessary to write your job search document.
  • Once you confirm the resume project as final, we shall send you an Acknowledgment Form with the final copies of resume and other package inclusions.
  • We shall provide medical resume writing services necessary to complete the resume project on time or under a condition that we deem appropriate.


  • We offer unlimited revision to unfinished projects within the prescribed validity of the writing service package ordered until you approve the copy.
  • The request for resume update will be FREE of charge if it is under these categories:
  • a. changing personal / contact information
  • b. adding current job position
  • c. removing / deleting / modifying few lines / sentences in the resume
  • Note that any changes beyond the said guidelines will be considered as an additional service and a $30 payment is necessary to proceed with the proposed revisions / updates. Some points that are beyond what the "free resume update" offers:
  • a. Gearing the resume towards another position (i.e. human resources to business analyst, or business analyst to human resources)
  • b. Resume requires major changes to custom-fit a particular job posting / position, to include changing the resume from chronological to functional to properly highlight your skills and talents relevant to a particular field of interest.
  • c. Adding more than one (1) job position

Expiration and Reactivation

  • Projects expire four (4) months from date of sign up. If we do not hear from you within this period, we shall tag your resume project as expired and we will discontinue writing it.
  • Should you wish to reactivate the resume project, you must pay $30 for us to continue the writing process.
  • We shall continue your resume project within three (3) months from reactivation.


  • To request for a refund, you must inform us through e-mail.
  • We grant full refund for cancellations made within 24 hours upon sign-up.
  • After the said period, you shall receive only 90% of your payment.
  • If you cancel the project after you receive the initial draft, you shall get a 75% refund.
  • You shall receive a 60% refund if you cancel the project after we have sent you the initial draft and made one or two revisions.

Expectations of Each Party

  • You agree to pay every fee related to the chosen resume writing package and give correct details to complete your career profile.
  • You agree to answer questions, send copies of previous career profiles, and provide links to job postings for your targeted career.
  • For us to come up with the strong resume or CV, you must answer the complete custom questionnaire to the best of your ability.
  • You must review the copy for accuracy. You shall inform us immediately through email, if you approve the copy or want to have it revised. Failure to notify us of the corrections or approval within the specified time shall deem us to recognize the copy as final.
  • You agree that you will pay an extra fee if you request for changes after you receive the final copy.
  • We shall not be responsible for any missed deadline if you missed to give us the information on time. Moreover, if you failed to approve the copy within a prescribed deadline, then we are not liable for the delay of the project.

Warranty Disclaimer

  • You understand that we work in good faith to write and design your job profile based on the data you provided.
  • We do not warrant that you can get interviews and job offers by only using the copy we made. In job search, there are many factors that could affect your chances in getting the job, such as your performance in the job interview, the hiring process of your prospect employers, etc. Hence, you accept full responsibility for the outcome of your healthcare or medical job search. You agree that we are not liable if you did not get a job.
  • Your success depends on your effort, commitment, diligence, and job search strategies. You accept that many causes can affect the outcomes of your job search.

Accuracy of Information

  • You warrant that you own and control the rights to the content you gave us. You agree that you will only send us true, accurate, and exact data. As such, you will protect us from all third party claims that resulted from the data you supplied.
  • When you submit your data to us, you grant us inclusive and royalty-free rights. You give us full access to use, edit, publish, translate, and display such content subject to our Privacy Policy.
  • You acknowledge that career documents are only for seeking interviews and jobs. As the client, you warrant that the copy shall not be sold or posted in third-party sites.
  • We handle your data according to US law. It shall be kept confidential and away from misuse. However, some factors may interrupt or harm them as you transmit them on the Internet. Thus, you agree that we are not liable for the effects these threats might bring.
  • We agree not to disclose your information, unless ordered by a court of law, or you have a written consent for us to do so.


  • We use e-mail to communicate with you. This also ensures exact information and preserves the thread of communication. As we use MS Word, PDF, and ASCII formats, we do not assure that your copy will keep the format and features on your equipment.
  • We cannot give technical support on compatibility issues because of computer software and devices you use.

Terms of Service

  • We may refuse, cease, or cancel the order(s) or resume service(s) on a case-to-case basis using our own discretion.
This Contract is final, complete, and binding. The terms herein shall govern all projects and services made by the Parties. No amendment or waiver of rights under this Agreement shall take effect unless both Parties make such in writing and sign the copy. Should you have questions on this Resume Project Agreement, you may send us a message.
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