This Project Agreement (“Contract”) presents the terms agreed by ResuMeds (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) and the Client (“you” or “your”). This Contract shall commence on the date you conform and sign up with us.

Now, in consideration of the mutual bond, the Company and the Client (also referred herein as the “Parties”) hereby accept the following terms:


  • We only accept US dollars as payment for our services.
  • You will pay the full amount upon sign up. We shall not deliver the service without your payment.
  • You can pay through credit card or PayPal. You shall give the number and billing address of your credit card. We will send your receipt of payment via e-mail.


  • We do writing services. We write resumes, CVs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles tailored to the medical and healthcare industry.
  • We use standard American English.
  • We have a customized questionnaire for you to answer and return to us.
  • We write the first draft and send you the copy for your approval.
  • For revisions, we do the changes until you approve the copy fully.
  • We deliver your resume in Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and ASCII formats.
  • Cover letter and LinkedIn profile require additional fees. The final and approved draft will be in Microsoft Word format.
  • LinkedIn profile includes Headline and Summary content. We ask you to give us your account username or password. We send you, as well, basic instructions to upload the content to your profile.
  • In every order, we send a first draft for you to review. We revise the copy until you approve it.


  • The normal turnaround time for resumes and CVs is three (3) business days. The writing shall start upon receipt of your questionnaire and other data.
  • If you made other arrangements, then there will be an adjustment in the schedule.
    If the project is finished, we shall send you an Acknowledgment form with the final copies of your order.
  • We shall perform writing services necessary to complete the Project in time or under a condition that we deem appropriate.
  • The means we choose to complete the Project are within our sole judgment and control.
  • Furthermore, we shall have the right to assign the writers who will do the Project.
  • We shall use our own equipment, tool, and other materials at our own expense.


  • We offer unlimited revision within a given period until you approve the copy.


  • Projects expire six (6) months from date of sign up. If we did not get any response from you within this period, we will discontinue the writing.
  • If you want to reactivate the project, you shall pay $30.
  • We shall continue the project within three (3) months from the date of reactivation.


  • To request for refund, you must inform us through e-mail.
  • We grant full refund for cancellations made within 24 hours upon sign-up.
  • After the said period, you shall receive only 90% of your payment.
  • You shall get 75% refund if you cancel the project after you receive the first draft.
  • You shall receive 60% refund if you cancel the project after we send you the first draft and made one or two revisions.


  • You agree to pay every fee related to the requested work and give data to complete your career profile.
  • You agree to answer questions, send copies of previous career profiles, and give links to job postings for your targeted career.
  • You agree to complete the custom questionnaire to the best of your ability.
  • You must review the copy for accuracy. Then tell us immediately by e-mail if you approve or want to have it revised. If you did not notify us of the corrections or approval within the specified time, we will finalize the draft and deliver it.
  • You agree that you will pay an extra fee if you request for changes after you receive the final copy.
  • We shall not be responsible for any missed deadline if you are late in giving us the information. Moreover, if you did not approve the copy on time, then we are not liable for the delay.


  • You understand that we work in good faith to write and design your job profile based on the data you gave.
  • We do not warrant that you can get an interview or job offers by using the copy we made. You accept full obligation for the outcome of your job search. As such, you agree that we are not liable if you did not get a job.
  • Your success depends on your effort, commitment, diligence, and job search strategies. You accept that many causes can affect the outcomes of your job search.


  • You warrant that you own and control the rights to the content you gave us. You agree that you will only send us true, accurate, and exact data. As such, you will protect us from all third party claims that resulted from the data you supplied.
  • When you submit your data to us, you grant us inclusive and royalty-free rights. You give us full access to use, edit, publish, translate, and display such content subject to our Privacy Policy.
  • You agree that the concepts, ideas, copies, sketches, artworks, electronic files, and other materials in your data are the property of the Company.
  • You acknowledge that career documents are for the sole purpose of seeking interviews and jobs. You warrant use of the copy in a legal way and not sell or post it.
  • We handle your data according to US law. We shall keep them confidential and away from misuse. However, some factors may interrupt or harm them as you transmit them on the Internet. Thus, you agree that we are not liable for the effects these threats might bring.
  • We agree not to disclose your information, unless ordered by a court of law, or you have a written consent for us to do so.


  • Every work is subject to acts of God, mechanical failure, or other events beyond the Company’s control.
  • We use e-mail as a way to communicate with you. This also ensures exact information and preserves the thread of communication. As we use Microsoft Word, PDF, and ASCII formats, we do not assure that your copy will keep the format and features on your equipment.
  • We cannot give technical support on compatibility issues because of computer software and devices you use.


  • We have the right to refuse, cease, or cancel the order(s) or service(s) in our sole judgment.

This Contract is final, complete, and binding. The terms herein shall govern all Projects and services made by the Parties. No amendment or waiver of rights under this Agreement shall take effect unless both Parties make such in writing and sign the copy.

If you have any questions on this Project Agreement, you may send us an email.